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The Heart is a Drum: "Absolutely Nothing".

Documentary is in the eye of the beholder or at the very least in the scissors of the editor. Director Jacob Frossen has framed The Heart is a Drum as an epic Romantic quest, and that's a description its protagonist would agree with. In 1971 Klaus Dinger returned to Dussledorf with a tape-recording of a rowing boat trip he made with his Swedish girlfriend. The girlfriend had dumped him and moved to Norway and a heart-broken Dinger decamped to Germany to bury himself in music. He formed the band Neu! with Micheal Rother as an invocation, a magic spell to win back her love and at the centre of this new music was his simple, driving, limitless drumming, as constant as his romantic obsession, as invincible as his own heartbeat.

Its a bit of a sausage-fest in Belfast's Black Box for this sold-out screening of the film, part of the Out To Lunch festival. The middle-aged men have gathered in their glasses and their once black clothes and once black hair. The smell of warm vinyl is a…

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